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Year : 2024 ETANG DU PUITS
"Département" : LOIRET   /   Town : CERDON
Start of the swimming season :   01/07/2024 End of the swimming season :   31/08/2024
Supervised site Site with facilities Site with showers Site with drinking water Site with toilets Site with rescue station
Grade history
2020 2021 2022 2023
Classification as per directive 2006/7/EC in force from the 2013 season
Excellent Excellent
Good Good
Sufficient Sufficient
Poor Poor
Insufficiently sampled Insufficiently sampled
Unranked site Unranked site
1 1 1 1
From the 2013 bathing season, the classification calculation method is amended in application of European Directive 2006/7/EC More information From the 2013 bathing season, the classification is made on the basis of the results of analyses from the previous 4 seasons of the 2 microbiological parameters Escherichia coli and intestinal enterococci, by comparing the results with the values established under European Directive 2006/7/EC