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Bathing water quality > DRENNEC (EST)-STAMADEC
Year :
"Département" : FINISTERE   /   Town : COMMANA
Start of the swimming season :   15/06/2022 End of the swimming season :   15/09/2022
Unsupervised site Site without facilities No Pets Site without showers Site with drinking water Site with toilets Site without rescue station
Current year's grading 2022 : Excellent
Site where water quality is excellent
Site where water quality is good
Site where water quality is sufficient
Site where water quality is poor
Insufficiently sampled
Site where the number of samples in the assessment period was not satisfied
Unranked site
Unranked site
Site with a temporary prohibition
Profile of the bathing site:      Profil
Details of sample taken on: 27/06/2022
Mandatory parameters Result Limit value Good/Average Limit value Average/Poor
Faecal streptococci /100ml   100 660
Escherichia coli / 100ml   100 1800
Other parameters Result
Total coliform bacteria /100ml   - -
Mineral oils   - -
Phenols   - -
Surface active agents /Foam   - -
Abnormal colour change   - -
Secchi transparency >1 - -
Ostreopsis More information Ostreopsis spp. est une algue microscopique pouvant produire plusieurs toxines. Lorsque sa concentration dans l'eau est importante, l'inhalation d'embruns peut provoquer : rhinorhée, toux productive, fièvre, broncho constriction, difficultés respiratoires et irritations du nez, de la gorge, des oreilles et/ou des yeux. Les signes cliniques qui apparaissent après 2 á 6 heures se résorbent généralement 24 á 48 heures après leur apparition.Si le résultat est supérieur á 30 000 cellules/L avec rafales de vent de force 5 et plus, dirigés de la mer vers les côtes ou si le résultat est supérieur á 100 000 cellules/L, il est recommandé de déconseiller la baignade.   - -
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From the 2010 bathing season, the mandatory parameters to monitor and assess the quality of bathing waters have been changed. More information By the start of 2010, the Directive 2006/7/EC lays down two mandatory parameters for analysis: intestinal enterococci and Escherichia coli. Other previous parameters issued from the Directive 76/760/EEC, such as total coliforms or chemical parameters, may possibly be taken into account but are optional.
Results of current year's sampling 2022
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Good result Good result  -  Average result Average result  -  Poor result Poor result
Grade history
2019 2020 2021 2022
Classification as per directive 2006/7/EC in force from the 2013 season
Excellent Excellent
Good Good
Sufficient Sufficient
Poor Poor
Insufficiently sampled Insufficiently sampled
Unranked site Unranked site
Ungraded Not Monitored
2 2 1 1
From the 2013 bathing season, the classification calculation method is amended in application of European Directive 2006/7/EC More information From the 2013 bathing season, the classification is made on the basis of the results of analyses from the previous 4 seasons of the 2 microbiological parameters Escherichia coli and intestinal enterococci, by comparing the results with the values established under European Directive 2006/7/EC
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