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Bathing water quality
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Water and health
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Bathing water quality

Welcome to the Ministry of Health's page on Bathing!

In France, water quality controls are performed at bathing sites at least one a month, by State agencies.

You can find out about the water quality at your vacation site in real time, thanks to the maps here: zoom in, click and you're done!

You can also access informations via the following link available:

This section provides answers to your questions: What is the beach nearest my home? What was the water quality like last year? Where can I bathe risk-free? Is the latest analysis result available positive or negative?

The monitoring directive

the monitoring directive
Learn how bathing water quality controls are carried out and get informed about current regulations.


Advices and recommendations
This section offers advice that will help you fully enjoy your bathing experience and keep risk to a minimum.

Water and health

Water and health
Get informed about the risks of bathing in low-quality water and how you can avoid it.
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