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What are the dangers of bathing and related activities?


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published on 08/19/2015
Here is some advice that will help you fully enjoy your bathing experience and steer clear of many unpleasant incidents.
Whether in seas or in rivers, every year, a large number of drowning victims are reported. So:
  • bathe only in supervised areas and heed the local safety instructions,
  • learn to swim and do not leave children unattended at water’s edge,
  • never overestimate your physical abilities,
  • avoid swimming within two hours after eating a heavy meal or consuming alcohol,
  • enter the water gradually, especially after extended exposure to the sun, to prevent possible hydrocution.
  • Expose yourself to the sun gradually and moderately.
  • Avoid exposure during the hottest hours of the day, between 11 AM and 4 PM.
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat and glasses, especially on young children and newborns, who are very sensitive to the sun and heatstroke.
If you are a shellfish picking enthusiast, be careful not to choose the shellfish just anywhere. Ask at the Town Hall or ARS offices, as shellfish picking may be prohibited on certain sites. When shellfish fishing is allowed, be sure to store the products in a cooler and eat them promptly.
In the water, watch out for weevers, jellyfish, stingrays and other venomous animals. In the event of an accident, ask the rescue staff on site how to proceed and do not hesitate to contact a doctor.
  • Sand that is not very clean can cause dermatological afflictions. Put a towel down before lying on the sand, if necessary, and take advantage of the showers made available to you.
  • The beach is a public place. Keep it clean by using the bins set out to collect waste and the sanitary facilities made available to you. Do not take pets to the beach, where animals are often prohibited during the bathing season.