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What are the dangers of bathing and related activities?


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Shellfish picking

published on 04/16/2008
A popular activity along France’s coast, shellfish picking combines relaxation with food-loving pleasure. Shellfish have undeniable nutritional value and are often used in fine cuisine. However, their health profile can be influenced by human activity. Considering the way they live and eat (by filtering sea water), shellfish, in particular bivalve filterers (mussels, oysters, clams, scallops, etc.) can become a concentration of all of the pollutants present in the environment. This can make them inappropriate to eat, when the environment is polluted.
An appropriate monitoring system has been set up to ensure that they can be eaten risk-free.
The three types of pollutants that shellfish can contain are: pathogens (bacteria and viruses), toxic phytoplankton and chemical compounds (heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides).
shellfish picking