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Why and How is Bathing Water Quality Assessed?


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Viewing the Results

published on 01/08/2008

Role of Mayor or private bathing area manager

The Mayor is responsible for informing users of the bathing water’s quality, as well as the safety conditions connected with the activity. Pursuant to Article L.2212-2 of the General Code on Local Authorities, he is required to legibly post the result of all assessments at the sites themselves. Where the bathing zone is run by a private structure, it is the owner’s responsibility to inform users about water quality.

the DDASS Office’s Roles

During the course of the assessment season, the DDASS offices regularly send analysis results to the local authorities and/or bathing site managers, as soon as they are provided by the laboratories. The results are also put online every day, on Ministry of Health’s Web site (
At the end of the season, the DDASS offices draft and circulate a report, including the final classification of all sites.
Information sign with analysis results